All consignments of organic produce imported from outside the EU into the UK must be accompanied by a Certificate of Inspection. You must pre-notify the Port Health Authority at least 24 hours prior to the goods arriving.

You will need to provide

  • The original COI, or PDF copy of the COI
  • A completed organic pre-notification form.
  • Copies of commercial documents (invoice, bill of lading, and packing list)

Once the Port Health Authority confirms the COI’s validity, and import charges have been paid, the COI will be endorsed and the goods can go to customs for final clearance to move into free circulation.

Pre-notification document

DES Notification – you can now pre-notify us using DES

Organic Fees and Charges

Document Check

There is a flat rate of £45.00 is due prior to release of your consignment for endorsement of a Certificate of Inspection.

Non-compliance fee

If your consignment fails its documentary check a fee of £160.00 is applied

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The Constitution June 2024
Enforcement Policy 2024
MOU June 2024
Risk Management Strategy 2024_2025