Water Sampling & Analysis

Water supplies on merchant ships should be potable and should not contain anything that is likely to cause sickness or injury to health. Potable water includes fresh water intended for drinking, washing, bathing and showering; for handling, preparing and cooking food; and for cleaning food storage and preparation areas, utensils and equipment.

Waterborne infections include gastrointestinal infections, which may lead to diarrhoeal illness and can come from a variety of bacteria and viruses; Legionella, which may cause Legionnaires Disease – a serious pneumonic disease; and Pseudomonas, a surface colonising bacteria that can heavily contaminate pipes, hoses and pools, and can cause folliculitis, ear and sinus infections.

River Tees Port Health Authority provides advice about the frequency and type of water examination and analysis that may be carried out depending upon the use of vessel. The Authority can also carry out water sampling on request. 

Water Sampling Fees and Charges

Bacteriological Samples

  • £75.96 for the first sample taken
  • £35.77 for each additional sample taken

Prices exclude VAT

Legionella Samples

  • £106.09 for the first sample taken
  • £65.90 for each additional sample taken

Prices exclude VAT

*Transport cost to laboratory outside of the scheduled pick up days will incur an additional charge of £75.13 +VAT, you will be advised of this prior to confirming sampling where appropriate.

Chemical Samples

Please contact us for details on chemical samples as the cost varies depending on which chemical the water is being tested for.

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