Food Hygiene & Standards

River Tees Port Health Authority is responsible for enforcing food hygiene and standards laws at the food premises on the port. This will include the inspection of food premises, sampling of food, water and environmental swabbing and taking formal enforcement action where there is a public health risk. The Authority will respond to any complaints or requests for advice relating to these businesses.

Food Alerts are issued by the Food Standards Agency. They may require action from the Authority to remove unsafe products from sale, prevent the introduction or distribution into the UK of unsafe or illegal products, or take any other appropriate enforcement action.

The Authority will notify the Food Standards Agency of any serious localised incidents using the Rapid Alert system if it relates to imported food or feed and at all other times in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Food Law Code of Practice.

If you intend to open a food premises within the boundary of River Tees Port Health Authority, you will need to register with us 28 days before commencing food operations; this can be done by printing off the form below and returning it to us at the address on the form. Certain food business establishments are required to be approved rather than registered. If you are unsure whether any aspect of your food operations would require your establishment to be approved, please contact the Port Health team on 01287 612406.


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