Q. My goods are on hold, how can I get them released?
A. Forward relevant commercial documents (bill of lading, invoice, CMR etc.) to port.health@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk so that we can confirm the contents and release your container.

Q. Why are my goods always being held when they don’t have any official controls on them?
A. Our IT system is set to check all manifests on Destin8 prior to arrival. How you have described your goods dictates whether it is held or not.

Example 1: If your goods have spp. in the description, our system assumes it is a species of animal and will detain it for Official Controls.

Example 2: If you describe your goods as a plastic, or plastic articles, our system does not know the country of origin, so requires us to confirm it is not from China or Hong Kong, and not made from Polyamide or Melamine.

Example 3: If you use a brand name, our system cannot identify what the contents are as some brands make goods that are under official controls, and some that are not.

Example 4: If you describe your goods generically, e.g. sauce, food products, we cannot determine the type of food to determine if any controls are required.

If you think your goods are being detained unnecessarily, please contact us so we can provide you with the right advice to prevent unnecessary detention in the future.

Q. How can I find out if my goods need Port Health verification?
A. If you know the Commodity Code of your goods, you can check using this link for any official controls required. UK Integrated Online Tariff: Look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates – GOV.UK (trade-tariff.service.gov.uk)

Q. Is there an alternative way to submit documents to you, other than via email?
A. Yes, you can register to use Philis DES and submit all IUU documnets, and Plastic declarations electronically rather than via email. This method allows us to download the information straight into Philis (Port Health Interactive Live Information System). This saves us a lot of time, and is our preferred method of pre-notification.

Q. My container has 40 different food products inside, do I need to describe all the contents?
A. Yes, you can do this by splitting the UCN on Destin8. If you describe the container as ‘Foodstuff’, it will be held even if controls are not required.
If controls are required on some of the goods in your container, Destin8 will show you which goods are held so you can check what documents are required for release. You can do this by checking the commodity code using the link above.

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