Plastic Kitchenware Charges

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Number of Analytical Reports Charge (£)
Up to 5 48.62

For declarations containing more than 5 lab reports, add £12.16 for each additional 5 lab reports.

Sampling Fee

Should your consignment be subject to formal sampling a standing charge of £133.71 will apply.

Analytical Fees

Analytical fees depend on the type of plastic being tested, and the availability of the chosen laboratory, please contact us for an up to date charge.

Please note that if your declaration contains more than one item that has separate documentation, e.g. lab reports, more than one sample may be taken and you will be charged accordingly. Please contact us for more information on this.

Non-compliance Fee

In the event that your consignment fails to comply with EC Regulation 284/2011 there will be an additional charge of £117.00.

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